1. Woof.

    You might have noticed I’m pretty handsome. You also might have noticed I’m pretty stylish.  My mom likes to think I get it from her, but let’s be serious— you’re just born with style.  I can’t teach you this stuff.  I can post pictures of myself in my outfits though.

    smitty woof hoodie

    I recently got a fur cut.  While you’d think that’s no big deal for a California dog… it’s cold out.  So, I’ve been wearing one of my favorite hoodies.  It is a soft ivory fleece with grey details, faux (I’m not a cannibal) fur trimmed hood, and ironically embroidered with “Woof.”  It’s a show stopper to say the least.

    I guess it’s pretty easy to see why Fluff is so jealous of me.  I’ve got the looks and the style.


    lick, lick,


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