1. Pillow Fight

    My mom made me a dog bed.  She made it out of black satin because she couldn’t be bothered with your average run of the mill Petco dog bed in some tacky pattern.  So, believe it or not, she made a nice big satiny pillow for me to lay on.  I thought the only thing her fingers were good for was rubbing my belly and drinking champagne.  Glad to know she’s more useful than she looks.

    Anyway, so I’ve had my pillow for a couple of years now.  It went missing for a little bit when we made the move from the Big Apple to the City of Angels, but it finally reappeared and believe you me… my little nub tail couldn’t be controlled.

    I dug my spot, spun around (twice), and got comfy STAT.  I finally had my home base back.  (You see, no one is allowed to bother me when I’m resting on the pillow).  Well, it was all well and fine until…

    fluff is on my pillow

    Yep, that’s right.  Fluff Puff has made himself at home on MY pillow.  Just look at him.  Look at that smug face.  GET OFF MY PILLOW!

    fluff still on my pillow

    Why is it that cats just think they own everything?  You  have the whole rest of the house to lay around.  Why MY pillow?  Go get your hairballs on something else.  I worked long and hard making my pillow stink just right.  

    Well, I knew I had to do something.  So I decided I would show Fluff that this was MY pillow and I was going to lay on it whether he was there or not.

    both on the pillow

    Oh- looks like someone doesn’t like sharing.  Not so much fun to share MY pillow is it, Fluff?  Can’t stand the heat?  Get off MY pillow.


    Look who got HIS pillow back?  That’s right.  ME.  Keep your fur to yourself, cat.

    lick lick,


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